The Zimbabwe Geo-Portal is an initiative to promote the sharing, collaboration and building of open data policies around and within Zimbabwe.
The platform provides citizen, organization, government and privately sourced data and information about Zimbabwe all which comes from various sources and have been authorized for sharing with the public.

We believe that by leveraging and promoting #OPEN-DATA. Zimbabwe can better and fast develop and achieve a full DIGITAL status, SUSTAINABILITY and economy by year 2030 in line with the UN-SDGs

Where are we going with this initiative?

We believe in open-source sharing as the key driver of innovation and open thinking. By sharing data, we can unlock great and bigger potentials that feed into diversified and structured sectors of the economy.

We envision a National Data Repository where anyone from around the world can find data and useful resources about our great nation openly, freely and easily accessible for all.

What Inspires us?

Our greatest inspiration comes from the Africa Geoportal which was developed and is managed by Esri

Become Part of the great community that is making #Free and #Open data possible in Zimbabwe

Do you have some data that you want to share with the public? Oh! wait, no you do not really need to have any data by the way. Contributing can come in various ways. You can start by Signing-up for an account. You can also See who is contributing to the great initiative.

The Zimbabwe Geoportal is managed, maintained, and built-up by KM-Spatial